Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helpful Japanese Theatre Links

Following are links to helpful English websites for anyone with an interest in Japanese theatre who might have the opportunity to visit Japan.

Theatre Nohgaku
This site is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in Noh Theatre. The schedule of Noh performances in Tokyo are especially helpful, with location, Kai/School name, play name with key performer, and links to the official websites.

Japan Arts Council
This is the official English website for the National Theatre, National Engei Hall, National Noh Theatre, National Bunraku Theatre, National Theatre Okinawa, New National Theatre, and the Traditional Performing Arts Information Centre. You can check the schedule and buy tickets to see Kabuki, Bunraku, Noh, and Kyogen performances. Most performances take place at the National Theatre in Tokyo, though Bunraku performances typically take place in Osaka. The National Theatre performances of Kabuki are usually shorter than those at the Kabuki-za or Shinbashi Enbujyo Theatres, so they may appeal if your schedule is tight. The National Theatre and National Bunraku Theatre usually have English Ear-phone Guides available for a fee.

Shochiku Kabuki Web
This is the official English website for the major Kabuki Theatres in Japan. You can learn about each theatre, view the performance schedules, and order tickets.

If you won't be able to visit Japan and still want to experience Kabuki or Bunraku, you can order DVDs of past performances from Marty Gross Films. They have a broad catalog of Kabuki plays and dances, including a special dance series featuring my favorite performer, Tamasaburo Bando. Each DVD has optional English translation and commentary and some DVDs also have English subtitles.

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