Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tasting Complimentary Tea

A Vietnamese co-worker had recently gifted me with a packet of Quốc Thái Voi Vàng Jasmine Tea and in my search for more information, I stumbled across this article.

Free tea is customary at most of the Asian restaurants I frequent while unfortunately lacking in others. I've been impressed by some of the offerings, less impressed by others, and am always grateful for the welcoming gift of tea.  

It would never have occurred to me to sample these teas outside the restaurant, but Willamette Week's Matthew Korfhage joined up with Tazo and Stash founder Steven Smith to do just that.  Asking to purchase free tea certainly gets some amusing responses and the tasting results were interesting, especially as a comparison to my own experience with Quốc Thái Voi Vàng.   

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