Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ippodo Tea Co

Ippodo Tea Co has been selling high quality, locally grown tea in Kyoto since 1846.  They have many shops throughout Japan, as well as a new store in New York.

The tea shop is located on Teramachi-dori, approximately four blocks south of the Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden's Southeast corner.

In addition to the tea shop, visitors can stay and enjoy a tea set in the adjoining Kaboku Tearoom. 

Ippodo also holds tea workshops where you can learn the best methods to prepare tea and what teas are most suitable for any occasion.

During my weekday afternoon visit, Ippodo was quite busy, which is a good indication of the popularity of their tea. Unfortunately, this also meant that the wait for a table in the tearoom was rather lengthy. I had to settle for a take-out cup of houjicha as I was running late to attend a kabuki performance. 

I recently learned that the matcha prepared for me at Nagomiyado Towa is from Ippodo. I was fortunate to be able to enjoy two of Ippodo's delicious teas even though I had to rush away after a short visit to their main store!

〒604-0915 京都市中京区寺町通二条上ル常盤木町52
〒604-0915 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Tokiwagicho, 52

Store - 9am-7pm (6pm on Sundays)
Tearoom - 11am-5:30pm (Closed for New Year's holiday)

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