Monday, June 16, 2014

Tea Ceremony with East-West Chanoyu Center & Drinking the Moon Teahouse at Bellevue Arts Museum

In conjunction with the ongoing Folding Paper exhibition, on June 14th Bellevue Arts Museum hosted a day filled with tea ceremonies demonstrated by East-West Chanoyu Center.

The event featured Chris Ezzell's Drinking the Moon Teahouse, made entirely from found objects and recycled materials.  The walls are constructed from plastic bottles that had previously been part of an art installation in Pioneer Square and the intricately woven floor mats are made from cardboard.  

Three tea ceremony demonstrations were held throughout the lobby of the Museum.  A demonstration of obon temae style tea ceremony, where the utensils are brought in on a tray, was held inside the Drinking the Moon Teahouse.  Chris Ezzell was on hand to provide insight into the teahouse design as well as the intricacies of the tea ceremony.  

A demonstration of hakobi temae style tea ceremony, where implements including a fresh water container (mizusashi) are carried into the room, was held in a central portion of the museum lobby with an explanation of the significance of dress, implements, and movements provided by Timothy Sowa Olson.

A third demonstration featured a ryurei style tea ceremony which utilizes a misono-dana (table) and is a preferred practice when guests are seated in chairs.

While the demonstrations were taking place, visitors were invited to enjoy a delicious sweet (wagashi) in the form of a green plum and a refreshing bowl of matcha to complete the experience.

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