Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kabuki Academy At Dragon Fest 2014

Seattle's International District hosted Dragon Fest 2014 on July 12th and 13th.  The festival featured lion dances, music and dance performances, martial arts, food, and vendor and craft booths.  I was happy to see more tea vendors this year and especially so to see a performance by Kabuki Academy, a Japanese dance and shamisen troupe (of which I am a member).

Before Kabuki Academy took the stage, we enjoyed a lively and boisterous Korean samul nori performance. 

The first Kabuki Academy dance was Gion Kouta, performed by Hanaka.  The dance features a young maiko describing the beauty of Kyoto and the famous geisha district of Gion.

Kabuki Academy's musicians performed a medley of shamisen music that ranged from classic to modern.  They finished up with Super Mario Bros.!

The next dance was Tenaraiko, performed by Akina.  This dance features a young maiden who stops to admire the butterflies on her way to calligraphy lessons.

The final dance was Kocho no Mai (Little Butterfly's Dance), performed by Hanaka and Kabuki Academy Director Mary Ohno.  

For the Finale, everyone gathered on stage and the audience clapped along as a farewell dance was performed.

Thanks to the members of Kabuki Academy for putting on a great show!  I hope to see everyone again at Aki Matsuri!

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