Monday, August 4, 2014

Tao of Tea

The Tao of Tea tea room on Belmont Street is temporarily closed. (12/2021)

Tao of Tea is located in Portland on SE Belmont Street between SE 34th Avenue and SE 35th Avenue.

Once inside the door, you'll find a daily tea recommendation.  Beyond the entry, guests have their pick of any of the plentiful seating, including a choice spot right next to the indoor waterfall. 

The decor is rustic and exotic, with the walls lined with tea ware and teas. 

The menu includes a variety of intriguing and delicious vegetarian offerings as well as a wide selection of loose leaf teas. Thanks to their location next door to the Tao of Tea Leaf Room, they're unlikely to run out of any of the teas on the menu unless it's limited stock and out of season.

Tea is served in your preferred style from a cup to a bowl for matcha, a bombilla for yerba mate, and more. You may also enjoy a gaiwan or gongfu tea service.

For my visit, I chose the Heaven's Lake green tea with gaiwan tea service.  I also couldn't pass up their mixed vegetable dumplings and paneer with ginger.  The spicy dishes went surprisingly well with the savory green tea.

If you want to restock your tea cabinet and perhaps discover a new tea treasure, be sure to visit the Tao of Tea Leaf Room next door!  Thanks to the great service and impressive selection selection of teas, I'm looking forward to many return visits!

3430 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214

11:00am-10:00pm Monday-Saturday
11:00am-9:00pm Sunday

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