Wednesday, November 18, 2015

World of Tea Series: Traditional Teas & Sweets

Northwest Tea Festival hosts the World of Tea Series one Saturday of each month. This series offers unique tea tastings and workshops presented by specialists in the industry.

On October 17th, Cinnabar Wright (Phoenix Tea) took us on a unique tasting tour of teas and sweets from five different countries.

Our tour began in Taiwan with a refreshing Spring Lishan oolong paired with lightly flavored yam and pineapple cakes.

From Taiwan, we traveled to Japan with a fresh green Tamaryoku Sencha paired with seasonal wagashi, chestnut cake, and maple cake.

Our next stop was Turkey with a robust Turkish Black Tea paired with fragrant rose and cardamom Turkish Delight.

Onward to Egypt for a tart and fruity Egyptian Karkady (Hibiscus) paired with 100% chocolate.

Our final destination was Russia with Phoenix Tea's smoky Red Army Blend paired with caramel cookie and spice bread.

Thanks again to Cinnabar for putting together this unique (and uniquely delicious) tasting tour and to Northwest Tea Festival for continuing to make events like this possible!

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