Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tea Review: Higashiyama Sencha (Dobashien)

Advent Tea Calendar Day 8

Higashiyama Sencha
Type: Green
Origin: Japan, Shizuoka
Product Description: Available on the website (Japanese).

Temperature: 175° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 2 minutes

The dry leaves have a  grassy green, savory and nutty aroma with salty marine notes.

The infusion is bright yellow-green with a buttery, brisk green aroma and flavor with a touch of spice. 

This seems to be a fukamushi sencha and it reminded me of late-Spring and the aroma of freshly cut grass. With a naturally bold flavor and astringency, a shorter steeping time of 30 seconds after the first infusion brought out milder, sweeter results.

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