Monday, December 7, 2015

Wonder Parlour Café

Wonder Parlour Café (ワンダーパーラーカフェ) is a costume cafe in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district, located a short distance from Ikebukuro Station and four blocks from the Swallowtail butler cafe.

The interior is decorated to fit the cafe's 19th century English maid theme with wallpaper and wainscoting, antique furnishings, chandeliers, and lamp lighting. Chairs and tables are covered in linens and the modern phone is wired to ring through the antique crank-style wall phone.

Wonder Parlour staff wear the uniform and adopt the mannerisms of 19th century English maids.  The maids even kneel at the table while taking orders and curtsy as they leave.

Guests can further immerse themselves in the experience by taking home the cafe's recently published manga (graphic novel) series centered around a maid named Shirley.

I visited on a quiet Thursday evening and requested a Maid Tea.  My maid, Nagi, is fluent in English and provided excellent service.  With her assistance, I selected Apolon tea from Mariage Frères served with honey and cream and a Mont Blanc black sesame and soy milk cake.

Tea was served with a tea cosy to keep the teapot warm and the dessert was served with adorable chocolate art!

At the end of my visit to Wonder Parlour Cafe, Nagi presented me with a maid photo and coaster and escorted me outside, sending me off with a deep bow and waiting until I was out of sight before returning to the cafe. This was a wonderful experience and I look forward to visiting again!

Before your visit, please note:
  • While photography of the interior is permitted, you may not photograph the maids or guests.  
  • Reservations are recommended for Fridays, Weekends, and for full-service Maid Tea and can be arranged by phone if you are fluent in Japanese or through your hotel concierge.
  • All guests must order at least one beverage or food item and there is a 150 yen table charge.
Address: 〒170-0013 東京都 豊島区 東池袋 3-9-15
3 Chome-9-15 Higashiikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tōkyō-to 170-0013

Mon-Fri 2:00-10:00pm
Sat-Sun 12:00-10:00pm

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