Thursday, August 10, 2017

World Tea Expo 2017 Day Three

Day Three at the World Tea Expo wrapped up with a brief yet rewarding visit to the Exhibit Hall. 

Sugimoto America has created an intriguing series of flavored tea blends intended for use in the food industry.  It would surprise no one that I dropped by when they were serving their ceremonial-grade matcha.  It was great seeing Kyohei, Noli and Sara again!

JADE:LEE has been hand-making teas and tisanes since 2010.  It was a pleasure to meet the owner and to taste samples of his delicious teas.  Even the pumpkin tisane was unexpectedly tasty.

Boseong Jeda processes their teas using a combination of steam and pan-firing.

Boseong Woohae Tea Plantation produces some of the first teas of the season due to their misty seaside location.

Before I left the Exhibit Hall for the final time, I was given a paper crane by the daughter of a tea vendor.  This gift brought my time at World Tea Expo 2017 to a heartwarming conclusion.

Onward to World Tea Expo 2018!

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