Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hosokawa Morihiro: The Art of Life, A Rebirth in Clay

To celebrate the Grand Opening of its Cultural Village in April, the Portland Japanese Garden held an exhibition of works by former Prime Minister Hosokawa Morihiro who became an accomplished potter, sculptor, painter, and calligrapher following his retirement.  

Hosokawa is an 18th generation descendant of the Hosokawa clan, a branch of the Minamoto clan.  This powerful daimyo family line has produced warriors, politicians, tea masters, and artists and this close relationship with and understanding of traditional arts is reflected in Hosokawa's work.

Sora-an, the "Universe in a Teacup" chashitsu (tea room) was constructed specifically for this exhibition by the craftsmen of SouBou OGISU in Shizuoka, Japan.

All of the tea implements displayed in Sora-an, with the exception of the furo (brazier), were made by Hosokawa.

Shino ware chawan/tea bowl: Unryuu/Cloud Dragon (2008)
Tanegashima ware chaire/tea caddy (2004), 
Bamboo chashaku/tea Scoop: Shigi-tatsu Sawa/Sandpiper Marsh (2006)

Shiro-Raku ware chawan/tea bowl (center) (2006)
Karatsu-tenmoku ware chawan/tea bowl with kintsugi lacquer repair (left) (2003)
Totoya-style chawan/tea bowl (right) (2004)

Karatsu-Oribe ware chawan/tea bowl with kintsugi repair:  Emperor Suutoku (right) (2009)
Ao-ido ware chawan/tea bowl (left) (2003)

Kuro-Raku ware chawan/tea bowl: Kanzan/Cold Mountain (2007)
Ido ware chaire/tea caddy: Mukyou/Borderless World (2007)
Bamboo chashaku/tea scoop:  Yoyojo/Calmness/Tranquility (2006)

Kakewake Raku ware chawan/tea bowl:  Sesshu (2008)
Karatsu ware chaire/tea caddy (2006)
Bamboo chashaku/tea scoop:  Hoitsu/One Embrace (2006)

Shigaraki ware: Deformed Jar (2007) - An accident in the firing process can result in a different kind of beauty and a reminder of impermanence.

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