Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Review: Chazen Matcha Mailer

The Chazen Matcha Mailer, developed by Chazen founder Rie Takeda, was introduced at World Tea Expo this year and I had the opportunity to try it out.

Included in the mailer:
  • mailing envelope with seal
  • decorative interior envelope that doubles as a fold-out "tatami mat"
  • decorative paper obi
  • notecard with preparation instructions and space for a message
  • single-serving matcha packet
  • foldable chasen (tea whisk)
The only item you will need is a chawan.

Assembling the chasen was remarkably easy and with just a few back-folds, the mat was laid flat to hold my chawan (tea bowl).  Since not everyone has a chawan, a comparable-sized bowl will also work.   

The single-serve matcha portion was more than generous.  Since I like a smooth bowl of tea, I did use a matcha sifter to remove any lumps.  Any fine-mesh sifter will work for this purpose.  

Though it lacked the finesse of a traditional bamboo chasen, the plastic chasen was surprisingly efficient and produced a lot of froth.  The resulting tea was pleasantly flavorful and not at all bitter.  Even someone who is new to matcha would likely enjoy it.

I had a lot of fun opening and assembling everything and the end result was a tasty bowl of matcha.  This is definitely something I would send to tea-loving friends on special occasions or simply to brighten their day.

If this is something that would interest you, please send an inquiry to Chazen for more information.


  1. I saw these at WTE a few years ago and found the idea so interesting. This would be a great way to introduce friends to matcha who might not have the tools on hand to make it for the first time.

    1. I had fairly high hopes for it since Chazen is a well-known tea ceremony studio and I was not disappointed. The biggest surprise was how approachable the matcha blend was. It would make a great starter matcha for people who might be put off initially by the bold stuff we drink at tea ceremonies.