Monday, April 30, 2018

World of Tea Series: Spring is Blooming!

Northwest Tea Festival hosts the World of Tea Seriesa monthly series of unique tea tastings and workshops presented by specialists in the industry.

On April 21st, Cinnabar Wright (Phoenix Tea) hosted a tasting of floral teas, including true flower tisanes and flower-scented teas, in celebration of Spring.

Rose (China)

We had the opportunity to taste the rose infusion several times as it continued to steep and develop a darker and more flavorful liquor throughout the first hour. 

Osmanthus Longjing (Dragonwell)

Blending longjing with anything seems unusual since the character of the tea is so unique.  The toasty taste of the longjing held up nicely with the distinct taste of osmanthus.  

Jasmine Flower (China)

The pure flower infusion was delicate in flavor and aroma with oat or buckwheat-like notes, quite different from the bold taste and heady aroma I'm accustomed to in a jasmine-scented teas.

Linden (Ukraine)

I was introduced to linden tea in teabags years ago and it was largely unmemorable.  Though it's still on the delicate end of the flavor spectrum, the loose tisane was significantly more enjoyable.

Chrysanthemum (China)

Hibiscus (Sudan)

Hibiscus varies in boldness and character depending on its origin.  This example from Sudan was  pleasantly approachable and may be a new favorite.  I heard from another attendee at the event that hibiscus makes a fantastic cold infusion, so that's something I look forward to experiencing this summer.

Lotus Flower (China)

Jasmine Pearl (China)

Lilium Flower (China)

This was a personal favorite with notes that reminded me of molasses.    

Lotus-scented Fu zhong (Hunan, China)

Thanks to Cinnabar and Northwest Tea Festival for putting together this fun seasonal tasting event!

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