Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tea Review: Organic Hibiscus Matcha (Sugimoto America)

Organic Hibiscus Matcha
Sugimoto America
Type: Flavored Green
Origin: Not provided
Product Description:  Energize your life with the combination of organic hibiscus flower powder and organic matcha in one delicious drink. Life is short; make sure your healthy drinks are also delicious! Our organic matcha is full of vitamins, caffeine, minerals, fiber, and catechins such as EGCG, and by using real hibiscus flowers in our mix you don’t just get the flavor of hibiscus, but also all the Vitamin C and other components of hibiscus as well.

This blend contains matcha, hibiscus, and monk fruit extract.

Cold Infusion
1 tablespoon matcha, 8 ounces ice cold water, shake vigorously

The infusion is a deep cranberry red with a vaguely sweet aroma. The taste is sweet and tart with a dry finish. Without heat to bring out the tartness of the hibiscus and the astringency of the matcha, this was pleasantly sweet and reminded me slightly of a sorbet.

Hot Infusion
1 teaspoon matcha, 8 ounces hot water (175° F), whisk thoroughly
Note: If you use a bamboo whisk, rinse thoroughly or soak in water shortly before use. This will prevent any discoloration from the hibiscus.

The infusion is a dark brick red with a tart aroma. The taste is sweet and tart with a dry finish. Here is where the natural tartness of the hibiscus comes through, pairing well with the matcha and resulting in a pleasantly festive flavor.

This tea was provided as a free sample without guarantee of a review.


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