Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tea Shout-Out: Makers and Finders

The Tea Shout-Out highlights restaurants and other businesses who go the extra mile to serve good quality tea. 

This Tea Shout-Out goes to Makers & Finders, located on Main Street in the Las Vegas Arts District.  They're a Latin cafe and coffee/tea bar offering hot and iced teas and matcha and their Tip Cup Premium Tea Service features a selection of direct-trade teas curated by Tealet.  Premium tea is only available in-house and is served in a tipping cup (thus the name).  By design, the cup tips slightly to one side for the hot water to be poured over the tea leaves in the built-in filter.  When the tea is fully steeped, you can tip the cup to the other side to prevent over-steeping and enjoy! 

Satemwa Dark Puer

Avocado Relleno

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