Friday, November 1, 2019

Tea Review: Rare Willow Organic White Tea (Nepali Tea Traders)

Rare Willow Organic White Tea
Nepali Tea Traders
Type: White
Origin: Nepal
Product Description: A silvery bud and one tender first leaf are plucked early in the morning or late afternoon. The leaves are then withered overnight with a constant supply of natural air. Early in the morning, the leaves are hand rolled and then allowed to rest for one to two hours. Once the rolled leaves begin changing color, they are lightly machine-rolled for 15 minutes and then dried immediately with low heat. Final high heat drying increases the flavor profile and shelf life of this lovely white tea. The leaves emit extraordinary sweet grassy aromas. The cup reveals a sweet and crispy profile, with a lovely floral aroma. The finish reveals refreshing hints of orange and lemon.

Temperature: 175° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 1-4 minutes

The dry leaves have an aroma of seasoned wood, oats, and a hint of citrus.

The orange amber infusion has a sweet aroma with notes of flowers, oats, and baked fruit.  The taste is floral with moderate astringency and a hint of citrus in the finish.

While steeping for 4 minutes produced bolder results than I prefer, the flavor and aroma will appeal to those who prefer a stronger brew.  A 1 minute steeping was ideal for my preferences with a mellower and sweeter taste and aroma followed by that refreshing hint of citrus.

This tea was provided as a free sample without guarantee of a review.

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