Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Stash Tea Shop

Stash Tea Shop is located at Stash Tea Company corporate headquarters in Tigard, Oregon on SW 72nd Avenue, just a short drive from Interstate 5.  The retail store has been open to the public for over 12 years and yet it remains something of an open secret among tea enthusiasts as it gets little press and rarely turns up in web searches for tea shops in the region.

While the tea shop signage may be subtle, the brightly colored Stash Tea truck parked near the entrance of the lot will almost guarantee you won't miss your turn.

Step inside to a warm and inviting space, well-lit and open with good flow.  To the right inside the door is a tea sample station where you'll have the opportunity to taste a couple varieties of loose leaf tea during your visit. 

Seating is available at window-side tables at the front of the shop and at the tea bar tucked away in the back.

On display is a wide range of loose leaf teas, matcha, and teaware available for purchase.  The ubiquitous Stash boxed tea line as well as a variety of locally sourced snacks are located near the tea bar.

Customer service and the cashier are located at the round counter in the center of the tea shop.  Staff are available to answer questions and make suggestions and touchscreen menus will help you select teas and tisanes prepared hot or cold, to enjoy in-house or to-go.  The menu also includes tea lattes, shaken iced teas, nitro teas, seasonal specials, and tea flights.   

For my first visit, I decided to go all out and requested a Tea Flight.  I was provided with an erasable Tea Flight card to list my four tea selections from the options on the menu.  When everything had been prepared, the flight was presented on a serving board with the tea bowls numbered to correspond with my card.  

My tea flight included:
1) Fern Trail Oolong - smooth, buttery, and floral
2) Scholar's Pavilion (green tea) - nutty, mellow, smooth, and buttery
3) Gold Silk (black tea) - notes of caramel, smoke, and plums
4) Creme Brulee (flavored black tea) - just like its name suggests

The person who prepared my teas was knowledgeable and kindly recommended that I begin with the green tea (#2) so the more nuanced flavor wouldn't get lost after sipping a bolder tea.  All were well-brewed and delicious!

16655 SW 72nd Ave #200, Tigard, OR 97224

10:00am to 6:00pm

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