Monday, June 15, 2020

Stars of the East

On June 15th, I had the opportunity to attend Stars of the East at the Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center, presented by Asia Pacific Cultural Center.  The event was a showcase of magnificent dance, music, theatre, and martial arts performances representing three countries: China, Japan, and Korea.

Program Leaders:
Yu Long, Chinese certified actress and founder and president of the American Face Changing Art Institute
Mary Ohno, Director of Kabuki Academy and Goodwill Ambassador from Tokyo, Japan
Sinae Cheh, Artistic Director for Morning Star Korean Cultural Center

Japan Program

Mary Ohno and Kabuki Academy, Kaya Yamazaki and Japanese Dance World
Ogi Zukushi:  Japanese Fan Dance
Sanbasou (excerpt):  Ancient Ritual Dance for Rice Planting
Ouzatsuma:  A Dramatic Shamisen Solo from the Kabuki Theatre
Musume Dojoji (excerpt):  The Maiden at Dojoji Temple
Genroku Hanami Odori:  Cherry Blossom Dance of the Genroku Era
Sawagi-uta: Boisterous Song

Chikiri and The School of Taiko
Miyaki composed by Ringtaro Tateishi
Mitsu-Uchi composed by Ringtaro Tateishi

Korea Program

Morning Star Korean Cultural Center
Flower Crown Dance:  An iconic royal court dance
Forest:  A modern recreation of the traditional fan dance
In the Beginning:  Korean drums
Celebration:  Samulnori, Korean traditional percussion music

China Program 

Chengdu Sichuan Opera Institute, Seattle Guzheng Education Institute, Little Angel Studio
Thoughts on a Quiet Night: Song based on a classical poem by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai with dance accompanied by guzheng

Yue Li, TLD4you
Sleepless Night:  Song and pop dance 

Yu Long, Chengdu Sichuan Opera Institute
In the Deep of the Night:  Ribbon dance performed to a famous Chinese Opera song performed on jinghu

Chinese Dance Academy
Purple Bamboo Melody (Zi Zhu Diao):  Dance performed to a well known folk song

NW Gongfu and Fitness, Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy
Lion Dance, Drum, and Shaolin Kung Fu

Chinese Wushu and Tai Chi Academy, Chengdu Sichuan Opera Institute
Bian Lian: Face changing performance including eight-headed face changing 

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