Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tea Pet Con 2019

The second annual Tea Pet Con was hosted by Phoenix Tea in Burien on June 22nd. The event was a little more casual than the previous year, focusing less on events and more on enjoying good tea with good people and their tea pets.

The tea table was filled with tea pets of all varieties, getting bathed by some very nice teas including 2015 That's No Moon puerh (Crimson Lotus), Tieguanyin, Miao-Li (and there's your tea pet/cat pun) oolong from the 1980's and 1990's, 1st Flush Darjeeling (Glenburn Tea Estate), Jin Jun Mei black tea, and Mao Feng Gongfu black tea.

Whitman and Friends

Whitman wallowing in spent leaves

More tea pet friends!

Tea pets weren't the only pets to take part in the festivities.  We were joined by Phoenix Tea's resident pups, Frida and Luna, and a resident fish, along with a couple of the cutest kittens I've ever had the pleasure of holding (so soft!  so adorable!).  While none of the pets joined in on the tea drinking, they certainly provided an exceptional level of emotional support for those of us who did.

Weaponized cuteness

Luna, a tea shop resident

Whitman and a new fishy friend

An appropriate beverage for the occasion

Thanks to Phoenix Tea for hosting another fun event!

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