Monday, September 28, 2020

Product Review: Kawaii Zipper Bag (Yoshimura Package Partners)

Kawaii Zipper Bags are produced by Yoshimura Package Partners in an effort to promote Japanese tea through fun and beautiful packaging.  The zipper bags come in a delightful variety of colors and designs ranging from traditional patterns to seasonal scenes.

I was fortunate to receive a few samples of Kawaii Zipper Bags and used them to store and display tea for a Rare Japanese Teas tasting event that I presented.  The bags look attractive, stand up easily, and the aluminum interior and sturdy zipper seal help to keep the contents fresh and safe from moisture.

These bags are washable and reusable.  Due to their shiny or textured surfaces, they don't hold adhesive labels, so any identifying labels or greetings for gift giving should be tied on, attached with a clip, or written with permanent marker.

Wholesale orders for Kawaii Zipper Bags can be placed through Super Delivery International.

Wholesale custom designs and heat-sealable options can be order through MYPAKE.

This product was provided as a free sample without guarantee of a review.

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