Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tea Review: Instant Dark Tea (Hua Lai Jian)

Instant Dark Tea/速溶黑茶
Hua Lai Jian/湖南华莱健黑茶
Type: Heicha
Origin: China, Hunan Province, Anhua
Product Description: Not provided.

Temperature: 208° F
Tea Amount: .5 gram (single)
Water: 6 ounces

The dry powder has a sweet aroma of heavily roasted nuts.

The red-brown liquor is clear with a sweet aroma of roasted chestnuts.  The taste is mild with wood and caramelized sugar notes at the back and a long roasty finish.

The powder required no stirring.  The smell was unusual for heicha, yet nice.  The taste was very mild, though the notes at the back of the mouth were intriguing.  It's quite handy, packaged in single servings with no stirring and no cleanup necessary, ideal for a quick and easy cup of tea on the road.  While I have my doubts that heicha enthusiasts would enjoy this, I'm glad to see continued innovation.

I received this sample during a presentation at World Tea Expo.  At the time of this review, it is not available in the North American market.

This tea was provided as a free sample without guarantee of a review.

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