Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tea Review: Kakegawa Polymerized Catechin Tea (Nakamura Kouryokuen Co. Ltd./All Japan Matcha & Organics)

Kakegawa Polymerized Catechin Tea/掛川産 重合(じゅうごう)カテキン茶
Nakamura Kouryokuen Co. Ltd./株式会社 中村香緑園 & All Japan Matcha & Organics
Type: Unspecified/Oolong
Origin: Japan, Shizuokoa Prefecture, Kakegawa
Product Description: 

A tea, tasting like wulong or puerh, full of polymerized catechins and gallic acid without any fermentation is developed by processing leaves with extra high heat steam. Unlike normal green tea which is full of flavor, this tea is lighter and fragrant, so it is probably easier to like for people who usually drink other kinds of teas. No astringent taste for catechin is polymerized. Bancha which contains less caffeine is used.
Temperature: 195° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 3-5 minutes

The dry leaves have an aroma of fragrant wood and spices with a faint hint of ume (pickled plum).

The copper-orange infusion has a mellow and sweet aroma with notes of fruit, wood, baked yams, and a hint of cinnamon.  The taste has notes of nutshells with a hint of fruit and berry in the back and light plum-like notes in the finish.

This tea was provided in 5 gram nylon mesh sachets, intended for use in a 17-33 ounce teapot.  I removed the leaves from the sachet for this review.  This was an intriguing tea that I can't easily categorize.  It has an appearance similar to hojicha and is similar to roasted oolong in taste and aroma when brewed for 3 minutes at 
195° F, yet a 5 minute steeping brought out notes that reminded me of sheng puerh.  The results are pleasant and approachable with no notable astringency, becoming lighter and sweeter with each successive infusion.  

All Japan Matcha & Organics is a cooperative providing wholesale products direct from small Japanese tea farmers, tea makers, and tea shops to businesses in the US.

This tea was provided as a free sample without guarantee of a review.

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