Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Tea Review: Old Bush Wu Dong Mi Lan Xiang (Chaozhou Tea Grower)

Old Bush (More Than 300 Year) Wu Dong Mi Lan Xiang
Chaozhou Tea Grower
Type: Oolong
Origin: China, Guangdong Province, Chaozhou
Product Description: 
Grown at over 1000 meters on Wudong Shan in the Fenghuang tea mountains.
This tea is fruity, sweet-honeyed base, light-bodied and incisive, with a surprisingly pleasant bitter edged aftertaste. Some says it has a sweet lychee flavor. Suitable for multiple infusions.

The Honey Orchid Dancong belongs to the honey aroma category, and only the high mountain Mi Lan Xiang has this honeyed floral aroma and taste. Once brewed, this tea will deliver a slightly roasted flavour combined with a floral aroma and the distinctive sweet honey after taste. This tea is also delicious if allowed to cool, when the flavours become more pronounced.
Temperature: 208° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 3 minutes

The dry leaf aroma has notes of antique wood, spice, burnt caramel, and leather.

The liquor is mahogany red with a deep roasty aroma with notes of leather, stone fruit, dates, and wood smoke.  The taste is roasty and almost savory with notes of fire roasted vegetables and something that reminded me of dried shiitake mushrooms.

Something about the combination of flavor and aroma of this oolong brought to mind nearly forgotten childhood camping trips to the ocean where we would sit by the fire, waiting out the rain under the picnic shelter.  The first two infusions were full-bodied with a delightful sweet aroma developing by the mellower third infusion.

This tea was purchased by me.

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  1. I often taste it alone at night,,my father an i love it so much