Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Tea Review: Chocolate Peppermint Pu-erh (Smith Teamaker)

Chocolate Peppermint Pu-erh
Smith Teamaker
Type: Flavored Puerh
Origin: Not provided
Product Description:
A complex offering combining the creamy flavor of Pacific Northwest grown peppermint leaves with rich cacao nibs, aged pu-erh and flavorful orange peel. Delicious and decadent any time of day.
Temperature: 208° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 5 minutes

The dry leaves are blended with peppermint, cacao nibs, and orange peel.

The liquor is dark reddish brown and opaque with an aroma of chocolate and mint and a hint of earth.  The taste is earthy with chocolate and mint notes and a long chocolate and mint finish.

The aroma of the dry and infused leaves reminded me of a lovely mint chocolate sipping cocoa.  While not as rich as the the aroma suggested, the taste is a nice blend of the earthiness of the puerh and the dessert-like flavors of chocolate and mint.  This was flavorful throughout three infusions.

This tea was purchased by me.

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