Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Tea Review: Pretty Girls Ripe Puer Tea (White2Tea)

Pretty Girls Ripe Puer Tea  2020
Type: Puerh
Origin: China
Product Description:
The 2020 Pretty Girls Ripe Puer Tea is the return of our sold out 2018 blend.

The blend has a beautiful aroma. If one were to try and place it in a broad category in might be a pulling a hot tray of freshly baked cherry danishes from a wood-fired oventype, but we will leave that up to you. Pretty Girls quickly proceeds into sweet shou territory after the rinse. The velvety texture of the soup and complex flavors develop over the coming steeps and eventually settle into a soft sweet profile that can be infused over and over. Drink immediately or age as your prefer.

Temperature: 208° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 3 minutes

The dry leaves have an aroma of cherries, antique wood, and moss.

The liquor is opaque, dark reddish-brown with an aroma of baked pastries, moss, earth, and something that reminded me of cherries.  The taste is smooth and rich with earth and wood notes.

I prepared this puerh with a cupping set for the purpose of this review and separately after the review with a gaiwan.  The notable difference was in the second infusion which was completely opaque and deep dark brown in color with a hint of smoke in the aroma.  The third infusion was lighter in color and the flavor had developed chocolate-like notes.  The taste was pleasantly smooth throughout and I especially enjoyed how unique each infusion was.

This tea review was written in 2021.  This tea was received as a gift from a third party.

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