Friday, May 5, 2023

Tea Review: Moon Bear White (White2Tea)

Moon Bear White 
Type: White
Origin: China
Product Description from the monthly tea club flyer:
A white tea from Yunnan province with gigantic, healthy (and very fuzzy) buds.  While we are on the topic of buds, Yunnan really has the biggest and baddest around.  You will be able to contrast this with the Fujian Baimudan, where even a paltry smattering of early spring buds commands all of the respect of a divine monarch.  Meanwhile, the gigantic Yunnan buds toil in the fields for a perfunctory nod of acknowledgement. May I ask you, dear tea drinker, for a brief moment...suspend the knowledge you have of what teas are "supposed to cost" and to embrace this underrated Yunnan tea, full of character and vigor.  Furry, robust buds bursting forth from the soil in glistening glory.  Maybe that's a bit much, but I like this tea.  It's from a great environment. Thick bodied and engaging and quite beautiful to look at. Perfect tea for a start to the morning in summer.  Drink in the Yunnan mountain glory with every sip and make your own judgement.
Temperature: 175° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 3 minutes

The dry leaves have a sweet and almost medicinal aroma with fragrant wood notes that remind me of camphor.  

The light yellow infusion has a sweet, herbal, nutty, and vine green aroma.  The taste is savory with notes of vine (pole) beans, wood, and roasted nuts with a nutty finish.

The flavor and aroma deepened after the first infusion as the leaves woke up and unfurled.  I particularly enjoyed the nutty finish after each sip.

This tea review was written in 2021. This tea was included in a monthly paid subscription box.

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