Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chagashi of the Week: Mizuyokan

As a student of Chado (Way of Tea) with East-West Chanoyu Center, I get to enjoy a delicious bowl of skillfully prepared matcha on a regular basis.  The serenity of the tea room is the perfect place to let go of life's worries and a bowl (or two ...or three) of matcha gives me that burst of energy I need to bounce right back into the world outside.

In addition to tea, guests are also presented with chagashi (tea sweets).  Chagashi are always freshly prepared with the seasons as inspiration.  Chagashi are works of art and I would like to share them with you.  Since the real thing has already been devoured (delicately, of course) by yours truly, I'll just share a photo.

Mizuyokan differs from yokan with the addition of a little extra water.  While humble in shape and color, the texture is light and the flavor is not too sweet.  It's perfect during the hot days of summer.  This also one of the rare tea sweets that is relatively simple to make at home, which I will attempt at a later date.

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