Sunday, December 2, 2012


Unfortunately, the flagship Tazo store has closed and the website no longer appears to offer teas other than their signature boxed blends.

Tazo, the flagship tea shop for Starbucks, opened on November 16th in Seattle's University Village.

Immediately on entry, I was greeted by friendly tea specialists who provided a quick but informative introduction to the store.  The decor is whimsical without feeling cluttered and I appreciated being able to browse without feeling crowded.

At the entrance, you'll have to opportunity to taste a sample of the day's featured tea. Two pillars on opposite sides of the room display jars of loose leaf tea blends, allowing customers to sample the aroma and perhaps fall in love with a new favorite.

In addition to 80 blends of tea, you'll find a good selection of attractive tea ware and supplies, some of which are artisan-made.  I gravitated toward the unblended tea section where I did not come away empty-handed.

Tazo's first introduction as a storefront is certainly promising and I really enjoyed my visit.  I especially enjoyed being able to "talk tea" with the specialists and look forward to future visits.

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