Monday, April 8, 2013

Tea Review: Green Rooibos (Metropolitan Tea Company)

Green Rooibos
Metropolitan Tea Company
Type:  Herbal
Origin:  South Africa, Cederberg
Product Description:  Organic Green Rooibos is one of the more recent developments in Rooibos history. The modern Rooibos industry was started in 1904 by Benjamin Ginsberg, a Russian immigrant to South Africa whose family had been in the tea business for years. This experience gave him the marketing savvy to know how to produce and sell what his intended target consumer was looking for. Initially, Benjamin realized that Rooibos could have a broad mass appeal owing to its unique delicious flavor, purported health benefits, and the scarcity of black and green teas throughout the South African colonies. For a time, his standard production Rooibos filled the needs of this market. Over the last century however, as Rooibos’ popularity grew throughout North America and Europe, innovative new products were needed to supply emerging niches, such as the certified organic market.

Enter Organic Green Rooibos. Although normal Rooibos cultivation uses pesticides very sparingly to begin with, and fungicides never at all, the growing demand for organic produce saw the planting of Organic Rooibos patches overseen by 3rd party certification authorities. Following this came the development of green, unfermented Organic Rooibos. (Like all Rooibos teas, organic green Rooibos is naturally caffeine free.) The leaves were harvested, bruised and immediately fired, foregoing the traditional fermentation process. A hit was born!

Green Rooibos is delightfully aromatic and more delicate than a traditional rooibos. The cup is light in appearance but displays a hearty herbal flavor with grassy overtones reminiscent of a quality Sencha. The next time people come into your shop, restaurant, or café looking for something new, organic, and delicious tell them, “I’ve got just the thing!”

Temperature: 208° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 3 minutes

The dry leaf has an aroma of seasoned wood and smells slightly sweet.

The infusion is coppery orange with a metallic bean-like aroma and a mellow vegetal, almost bean-like flavor.

The smooth, mellow flavor and aroma of this rooibos seems ideal for blending though it is enjoyable on its own. 

This was tea was provided as part of a workshop. 

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