Friday, September 27, 2013

Neoillusion Teaism at ArtXchange Featuring Guitian Li

This evening, I had the good fortune to attend a collaborative mixed-media performance of Neoillusion Teaism hosted by ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle.  Paintings by Ullie De Osu and William Song provided the backdrop.  Costuming and Music were by Neodandi.  Dance with Tea Art was performed by Guitian Li.  (I do hope someone will be kind enough to leave a comment with the name of the other performer.)

Glassware was also provided by Neodandi.  All attendees were generously provided with tea and appetizers.

The deliciously earthy puerh tea "turned to wine" in this glass by Neodandi.  It suits the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic which finds beauty in imperfection.  This piece was comfortable in hand and had a nice mouth feel.  I would have liked to add it to my teaware collection.

Guitian Li incorporated the art of gongfu tea into her dance.  The core vision of the performance was "Tea is Life."  

The prepared tea was presented to a few lucky people in the audience as part of the performance.

While the performers initially appeared to struggle and grow individually, this 21st century tea ceremony brought them together and the performance ends as they depart, united.

Shortly before the performance, everyone was gifted with a Chinese character painted by Guitian Li.  

had to wait until I returned home to reveal my character which was "Tranquility."  I can certainly use more tranquility in my life, as can we all.  Thank you to everyone involved for a wonderful evening filled with tea and art!

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