Monday, January 13, 2014

Tea Review: Supreme Dragonwell (Vital Tea Leaf)

Supreme Dragonwell
Vital Tea Leaf
Type: Green
Origin: China, Zhejiang Province
Product Description:  Dragon well or "Long Jing" is a green tea from Hanzhou in Zhejiang province. The leaves are put in a big wok, and then allowed to pan fry to stop oxidation. Resulting in a naturally nutty and crisp tea that can also be enjoyed by eating. Being one of the most popular teas, it has earned the China Famous Tea title. One grade higher than our Westlake dragon well, this tea is smoother and more crisp.

Temperature: 175° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 3 minutes

The dry leaves have an aroma that is toasty, sweet, and nutty with a hint of cocoa.

The liquor is pale yellow-green with a toasty, savory, edamame green aroma.  The taste is savory and toasty with notes of edamame (soy bean) green and a long, velvety green finish.

While this tea has the traditional elements I appreciate in a Dragonwell, I found the flavor to be smoother than I expected and repeated steepings produced a lighter tea similar to Silver Needle.  Once I noticed the white "hairs" at the top of the cup, I was pleased but not surprised to find young buds among the steeped leaves.

This tea was purchased by me.

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