Sunday, July 12, 2015

Iced Tea: Kenilworth Estate (Mad Hat Tea)

This weekend, I celebrate an end to record-breaking high temperatures and a months-long redecorating project with a sweet and fruity cup of cold-brewed Kenilworth Estate Ceylon Black Tea from Mad Hat Tea Company.

Cold-brewing is my favorite method of making iced tea.  It suits my summer heat-induced laziness by allowing me to put the dry leaves in a pitcher of water in the fridge at night and forget about it until the morning.  Since there is no hot water involved, the results are sweet, smooth, and lack astringency.  No need to add sweetener!

Steep 3 tablespoons of loose black tea in a 2 quart pitcher of filtered or spring water in the refrigerator for approximately 7-8 hours.  Longer steeping times will result in darker color and more robust flavor.  

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