Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tov Coffee & Tea

Tōv Coffee & Tea has been serving the community in Portland's Hawthorne District for almost four years.  Located in a food cart pod on the corner of SE Hawthorne Boulevard and SE 32nd Avenue, the iconic red double-decker bus is hard to miss.

Tōv's interior reflects owner Joe Nazir's Egyptian roots with auspicious and lively pops of purple, red, and gold throughout.  Inside and toward the back, you'll meet the friendly barista(s) who will prepare your drinks. 

Most of the seating is on the top deck which hearkens to an Egyptian open-air cafe with small tables and brightly cushioned chairs.  During the warmer months, the top deck is open to let in the breeze and provide a beautiful view of the neighborhood.  During the colder months, the top deck is enclosed and heated, so there's never a bad season to visit.  I do recommend popping upstairs to check on available seating if you plan to order something that can't be served as takeout.

Tōv serves Egyptian and Turkish coffee and tea as well as traditional espresso beverages.   While I am not a coffee enthusiast, drinks like their mocha with fig-infused white chocolate and balsamic vinegar are rather tempting.

For this visit I enjoyed a Turkish Tea.  The tea takes about 15 minutes to prepare in a çaydanlık which can serve several people if you visit with a group.  Water is boiled in both teapots with strong tea brewing in the top teapot and hot water in the bottom teapot.  To serve, fill each glass about 1/3 with tea and the rest with hot water, adjusting to taste.  Sugar (not pictured, but definitely in use) or more water help to mellow the tea. 

Tōv provided me with a unique opportunity to take a break on a busy weekend, enjoy the summer breeze, and lose myself in the motions of preparing tea.  They are well worth a return visit.

5044, 3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

7:30am - 5:00pm

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