Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shinpu Woven Tea House by Yuri Kinoshita

On January 19th, chanoyu tea ceremony was presented in Yuri Kinoshita's Shinpu (Fresh Breeze) Woven Tea House.  Many wonderful photos from the event can be viewed on Kaoru Okumura's blog. I was unable to attend the tea event due to prior commitments, but I did make sure to visit the Tea House while it is on display at Bellevue Arts Museum.  I really enjoyed how the many layers and varied textures of paper diffused the light and created shadows and depth.  While it was beautiful in the daylight, I would really love to attend a tea ceremony there in the evening when the teahouse glows from within.

Shinpu (Fresh Breeze) by Yuri Kinoshita is on display at Bellevue Arts Museum until February 3rd.

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