Sunday, February 10, 2013

Meeker Mansion Christmas Tea

Meeker Mansion was built in 1890 in Puyallup, Washington and was home to Ezra and Eliza Jane Meeker.  Ezra was a pioneer, first mayor of Puyallup, and a champion for the preservation of the Oregon Trail.

Ownership of Meeker Mansion had been passed around through much of the 1900s with most of its exterior and interior being altered and damaged.  Much of its original state has been restored thanks to the ongoing efforts of the community and the Ezra Meeker Historical Society, and it is now listed in the National Register of Historic Sites.

In December, I attended the Christmas Tea held annually at Meeker Mansion.   Guests of the Tea were also treated to a guided tour where we viewed completely restored rooms as well as those which are still in progress and our guide provided us with the history of the Mansion and the Meeker family.

Due to the popularity of the event, seating was spread throughout the bottom floor of the Mansion.  We were seated in the library and I certainly had no complaints about my surroundings.

We were offered a tasty tea that was a blend including Earl Grey, served in bone china from the Meeker Mansion's collection.

I was rather fond of this entryway with its welcoming feel and festive garland along the staircase.

This ceiling is a work in progress.  The artist working on the restoration has been carefully removing layers and layers (and even more layers) of paint and plaster, slowly revealing hints of the original paint color and design.  Each label marks a time period for the corresponding layer of paint.

Here you can see the completed work in a couple of the fully-restored rooms.

Opportunities to tour Meeker Mansion are available throughout the year and reservations are welcome for private tea events

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