Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tea Review: Assam (Perennial Tea Room)

Perennial Tea Room
Type: Black
Origin: India, Assam
Product Description:  Black tea blend from the famous Assam region of India. Assam's have typically been used in Irish Breakfast blends. Ours offers a nice everyday drinking tea, add milk if you wish. Not overly malty - but excellent for your morning breakfast!

Temperature: 208° F
Amount: 3 grams
Steeping Time: 3 minutes

The dry leaves have a plum-like aroma.

The liquor is red-orange with an aroma of baked squash and brown sugar.  The taste is moderately astringent with a dry finish.

I've found that this tea works quite well in masala chai blends.  I is simple, strong, and aromatic, so it won't get lost under the spices.  It is also nice as a stand-alone drink.  I found that steeping for three minutes brought out the flavor and aroma while not being too astringent to enjoy.  As you might expect with a black tea, a second steeping is not recommended.

This tea was purchased by me.

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