Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Thousand Faces Chinese Opera

On May 13th, Asia Pacific Cultural Center hosted the Thousand Faces Chinese Opera performance at Tacoma's Pantages Theater with Masters of Ceremony Baole Zhao and Lucy Meng.

The evening was filled with beauty, action, drama, and comedy!  

The Rising Stars of Art with Chinese Dance Academy and Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy

Chinese Opera Arias Medley including pieces from Sichuan Opera performed by Gang Kong and Jia Yu, Beijing Opera "The Huai River Camp" performed by Bing He, Shanghai Opera performed by Wendy Wu Xia Dickmann, and Cantonese Opera performed by Linh Tan and Huishao Zhen.

Beijing Opera - "The Hu Family Fortress" performed by Jiang Jia Jia and Yue Qi 
In this piece, Hu Sanniang must fight on horseback against the surprisingly short general, Wang Ying (Hu Sanniang's future husband).  

Puppet Show - "Doll Rhyme" performed by Dongliang Wang

Sichuan Opera - "Rolling Lamp" performed by Shun Zhang and Jia Yu
In this piece, the husband must perform increasingly difficult acrobatic tasks for his wife, all while keeping a lit lamp steady on his head.

Hand Shadow performed by Chen Qiu

Jinghu Music - "Spring Welcoming" performed by Lucy Wu and Bing He

Chinese Tea Art (Long Pot Tea Ceremony) performed by Haiwei Huang with Kunqu Opera Dance performed by Yuejing Ma
Part performance art and part tea ceremony, this art form developed from a time when the Emperor feared assassination attempts.  A teapot with an exceptionally long spout was created to pour tea without being within reach of the Emperor and the pouring technique developed into a beautiful combination of dance and tea service.

Dance of Kunqu Opera performed by Jingyue Ma

Beijing Opera - "Farewell My Concubine" performed by Wenge Hu, female role specialist and third generation successor of Mei Lanfang 
This piece comes from one of the most famous operas.  In this scene, Xiang Yu has been surrounded by the armies of Liu Bang.  His concubine, Yu, wishes to die with him and he refuses.  Yu performs a final sword dance for her king and, when he becomes distracted, uses the sword to commit suicide.

Beijing Opera Song - "I Love You, China" performed by Yue Li with the Chinese Dance Academy

Special Skills Finales:
  • Chinese Calligraphy by Zhensheng Liu
  • Chinese Peony Painting by Yi Qiao Jiang
  • Martial Arts performed by Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy LLC (Taichi), Seattle Shaolin Kungfu Academy (Shaolin Kung Fu), Le Zhou (Shaolin Kung Fu), Sisi Song (Chinese Yo Yo), North West Kung Fu and Fitness (Hong-style Fight), and Xiang Gao (Shaoling Kung Fu)
Unique Special Skills
  • Face Changing (Bian Lian) and Puppet Show performed by Long Yi, Long Yu, Gang Kong, Pengcheng Li, and Dongliang Wang - A fire breathing performance had to be canceled due to the restrictions of the venue
  • Acrobatic Skills performed by members of Sichuan Opera Research Institute of Chengdu, Cheng Qiu, Shun Zhang, and Haiwei Huang
At the close of a stellar performance, members of the audience were invited to join the actors for photographs.

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