Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Tea Eggs (2014 Edition)

This was my first attempt at dyeing eggs with tea.  I steeped 4-5 teaspoons/tea bags of tea in hot water for 15 minutes, added a teaspoon of vinegar to help set the color, and submerged hardboiled eggs in the tea for 3 hours.

Clockwise from Top:  Berry Berry (Metropolitan Tea Company), Lapsang Souchong (Perennial Tea Room), English Breakfast (Stash), Morrocan Mint (Stash), Sencha Kyoto Cherry (Metropolitan Tea Company)


  1. Heather: These came out way better than mine. I got absolutely no where with sencha, even after several hours. You are sempai!

    1. Tatsuo - Thank you! I believe the vinegar may have helped to set the color, especially with the much lighter sencha. Your eggs (in the photos) turned out beautiful. How did you do the checkerboard pattern?